Data to be collected in School

When it comes to our students, what should we be collecting that we aren’t?


Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers (0580)

Dear Students ,

Click here to view and download Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers – Core and Extended (0580).

This link will be updated regularly.

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Developing 21st Century Learning and Teaching Skills

Developing 21st Century Learning and Teaching Skills from LooksteinVirtual

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21st century teaching and learning

Source taken from: John Sole, Founder and CEO of Guerrilla Educators With one prominent exception, 21st century teaching and learning best practices are largely the same even if the century numbers are inverted. Sound, effective educational best practices in the 21st century share certain strategic, timeless characteristics. To that end, we have identified ten experience based […]

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Monday Must Reads: Volume 21 — Math = Love

Hello, Monday! I’m still getting over a very inconvenient cold, so today will most likely be a VERY long day of school. But, I can’t imagine a better way to kick off this Monday than a new volume of Monday Must Reads. Each Monday, I post a quick recap of what awesome stuff the rest…

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The Global Search for Education: Hello Coding – When Did You Get So Cool? — Edmodo – Where learning happens.

The Global Search for Education (GSE) is a regular contributor to the Edmodo Blog. Authored by C.M. Rubin, GSE brings together distinguished thought leaders in education and innovation from around the world to explore the key learning issues faced by today’s nations. Look for a new post every week and join the Global Search for…

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Correlation and Regression — Mathematics for Students

Some useful resources to help you study Correlation and Regression. This GeoGebra applet allows you to move points and watch the effect on the line of best fit. Why not try to plot the points, draw a lines of best fit and then compare your line with the computer. This works very well on a phone, […]

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Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231)


Cambridge introduced new syllabus AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231).

It will help candidates build a strong foundation in mathematics before studying a broad range of subjects at university.

Schools and universities have welcomed this change because it will support learners who want to study more mathematics at Cambridge International AS & A Level.

The key concepts for Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics are:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Mathematical modelling

To know More details click here

Why do people get so anxious about Math

All over the world students have Math Phobia . This misconception should be removed from students mind totally.

Check this link Anxious about Math ?

Math App

What it is: I adore the DragonBox math apps! I was first introduced to DragonBox through their Algebra app. The app takes away all math anxiety by teaching algebraic concepts without numbers or algorithms. It is genius! You can read my review of that app here. DragonBox Numbers is for kids who are new to…

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Be Internet Awesome

What it is: Be Internet Awesome is a fantastic new way to help your students make the most of the Internet by being prepared to make wise decisions as they navigate and interact online. Be Internet Awesome helps teach students the basics of digital citizenship and safety online. This outstanding collection from Google includes:…

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Math Resource

A favourite site – Mathisfun! is a treasure trove of resources. There are clear indices; the Index from the Home page takes you to the very useful Index by Year and Subject. Explanations and examples are very clear and each section has additional questions to try with solutions. Look for example at the Algebra Index and choose […]

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Function or Not a Function Card Sort — Math = Love

Today I’m sharing a new card sort I made for my students to practicing classifying a relation as a function or not a function. My old card sort for this was stolen from someone else and resized on the copy machine, so I didn’t have a digital copy. Last week, I decided to create a…

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Fun with Functions

This post is inspired by the Quora thread on interesting functions to plot. The butterfly This is a slightly simpler version of the butterfly curve which is plotted using polar coordinates on Desmos as: Polar coordinates are an alternative way of plotting functions – and are explored a little in HL Maths when looking at […]

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Area maze

We know how to find the length of a rectangle when its area and one side is given.

But here is an interesting at the same time logical way of solving it which makes the puzzle interesting.

Japanese logical puzzle  click here .

Classroom Reflections / Exit Ticket Templates

Today i got the Exit ticket templates which is really useful for teachers to use after completion of class to do some reflections to identify students learning level,to gwt some idea what they understood etc.

Download Exit Ticket Templates here



Understanding Number Systems — OSC IB Blogs

Whichever IB Mathematics level you are following, you need to understand the concept of number systems. The simplest system is the set of Natural Numbers, sometimes called the Counting Numbers. Using set notation, these numbers are: {1, 2, 3, 4 ……} and are called the natural numbers because they are the only ones which occur naturally.…

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Place Value Posters — Math = Love

Yesterday, I finally got my place value posters hung up in my classroom. I actually designed these posters last summer when I was in Australia. They were inspired by this pin which I couldn’t find an original source for. Last summer, I printed the posters, but I had trouble finding something I liked to use…

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Inspiration During Summer – DT IB Students Some Great Projects to Inspire. — OSC IB Blogs

Hi students, Yes one of my regular inspiration blog posts – check out some of the designs below all of which could easily have been project ideas for DT students – A revolutionary radio – I always like socially and environmentally focused projects and here is another great one. As it suggests on the description…

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Sumaze – maths app

Here’s a maths based app that is both fun (if you like puzzles) and actually introduces some maths that students may not know about. In each level, you have to move a block around, carrying o…

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Polar Curve Plotter

For a really clear plotter showing the connection between the Cartesian graph of r=f(θ) and the graph in polar coordinates try this Polar Curves and Cartesian Graphs applet. Watch the display caref…

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