World’s Steepest Hill – Baldwin Street

When we teach students about Slope / Gradient , we have to show them the live examples of Slope in real life.

Click here to watch steepest hill.


My own hashtags on Twitter


Here comes my own Twitter hashtags





Please spread a word.



Tool for Professional network

Today i came across an online tool
Staffrm is the new professional network for educators passionate about their work. A vibrant and friendly community where you can connect with the teachers who inspire you around the things that you’re interested in.
click here to connect, learn, share, collaborate.

Why cos0 =1?

We used to teach students cos0=1
Did we ask them how?
Did we ask our self how?

When the degree is 0, there will be no  opposite side,at the same time hypotenuse and adjacent will be same.
So cos0=1

Let us think to make our students always cos0.