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NASA – Explore Space Through Math


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Different way to Solve Quadratic Equation

One of my friend shared this video link .It is pretty simple and easily approachable in finding factors where students struggle sometimes.

Tool for Professional network

Today i came across an online tool
Staffrm is the new professional network for educators passionate about their work. A vibrant and friendly community where you can connect with the teachers who inspire you around the things that you’re interested in.
click here to connect, learn, share, collaborate.

Why cos0 =1?

We used to teach students cos0=1
Did we ask them how?
Did we ask our self how?

When the degree is 0, there will be no  opposite side,at the same time hypotenuse and adjacent will be same.
So cos0=1

Let us think to make our students always cos0.

Application of Probability in Multiple Choice Questions

Application of probability in Multiple choice questions:
For students Probability of answering (rightly) one question is 1/4 , answering wrongly is 3/4.

If you take around 10 questions in a question paper , the max probability goes to the teacher. Only if the students are lucky or know answers correctly they will be the winner.

In general question paper setter gets max probability.

There is one way of making students to get the max probability – if we ask the question like choose the wrong answers then there will 3/4 chances of wrong answers in that way students get answers mostly right.

Motivate Maths
This site explains about how do we motivate math in daily life. Interesting multimedia presentation, lit of application in real life.

Game Based Learning

I introduced Game Based Learning (GBL) in my classroom.
The actual purpose is to my make students to learn math concepts in fun way.

Tips to introduce games in classroom

IPad Screen casting tool
After looking at this link , i feel like i miss apple products.
It is an excellent tool which is available only in iPad. It really helps in flipping classroom.
Teaching on
Traditional black/white  board -> smart board -> Doceri classroom -> ❓❔❓❔