Game Based Learning

I introduced Game Based Learning (GBL) in my classroom.
The actual purpose is to my make students to learn math concepts in fun way.

Tips to introduce games in classroom

Venn diagram tool

A tool to help students understand the different regions of a venn diagram. You can click to shade the regions corresponding to, for example, the union of A and B. It is designed so that you can write and draw on the venn diagram to use it. Click here

Animated lessons

Awesome link  

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3


Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Everyone know about the definition of fractions , do you know the application of fraction in Music .

Watch and enjoy,

Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Student interactive activities (Grade 3-8)

Do you want to go for Math Picnic ?

Click here to make math fun.

E classrooms

When do the activity you feel like  the ordinary classroom turns into Electronic classroom

I hope everyone will enjoy.

Interactive Geometry 3D Shapes

Interactive Geometry 3D Shapes –  link explains about all 3D shapes in an interactive way , which will make you to feel .