About me

I am an experienced and qualified Math teacher, with 15 years of teaching experience in higher level out of which 8 years exclusively in Cambridge Curriculum.

I am also trained in Cambridge (IGCSE /AS /A Level Math) and IBDP(HL Math) with a Bachelor of Education (regular mode) and Post Graduation (regular mode) in Math.

I am interested in:

* Integrating technology into the classroom in a meaning full way.

* Making students to do research and inquiry based learning.

* Grouping students to become self-learners, wherever needed.

My Goal:

* To make Math, love the student instead of trying to make the student love Math.

* Focused on making mathematics understandable, applicable, and lovable to the students.

* To foster a better student-teacher relationship and inculcate a love for Math.

My Training Certificates:


AS-A Level Stage 1

Cambridge AS/ A Level Stage 1

IGCSE Stage 1-page-001

Cambridge IGCSE Stage 1

AS / A Level Face to Face



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