Tool for Professional network

Today i came across an online tool
Staffrm is the new professional network for educators passionate about their work. A vibrant and friendly community where you can connect with the teachers who inspire you around the things that you’re interested in.
click here to connect, learn, share, collaborate.

Tackk – Creation Tool for Announcements, Assignments, and ePortfolios

Engage students, improve collaboration and spark creativity with Tackk.

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IPad Screen casting tool
After looking at this link , i feel like i miss apple products.
It is an excellent tool which is available only in iPad. It really helps in flipping classroom.
Teaching on
Traditional black/white  board -> smart board -> Doceri classroom -> ❓❔❓❔


Girls can improve their math skills with the help of dance as part of an eight-week program called SHINE, developed by an MIT graduate. To know Click here.

Venn diagram tool

A tool to help students understand the different regions of a venn diagram. You can click to shade the regions corresponding to, for example, the union of A and B. It is designed so that you can write and draw on the venn diagram to use it. Click here