Motivate Maths
This site explains about how do we motivate math in daily life. Interesting multimedia presentation, lit of application in real life.

Hextris math game

New – Play Hextris! Great game and quite a challenge!
I introduced this to my students , they loved it.

IPad Screen casting tool
After looking at this link , i feel like i miss apple products.
It is an excellent tool which is available only in iPad. It really helps in flipping classroom.
Teaching on
Traditional black/white  board -> smart board -> Doceri classroom -> ❓❔❓❔


Girls can improve their math skills with the help of dance as part of an eight-week program called SHINE, developed by an MIT graduate. To know Click here.

Maths in Nature

Awesome link to understand the application of Maths in Nature.

When you go to the link , you get next and previous options , keep clicking and enjoy learning things.


Good Applet  – 3D explanation on Geometry .

We teachers really struggle to explain 3D concepts to students.

With this applet we can actually make students to understand concepts in interactive way when they are on smart board or any device.


Activity books for tough kids (odds in class)  –  Activities for all types of behaviors .

This link will be really helpful for the tough kids activities (who are odds in class).