Math game – Fizz Buzz

New math game for students to concentrate – Fizzbuzz!
Can you locate the number?

Game Based Learning

I introduced Game Based Learning (GBL) in my classroom.
The actual purpose is to my make students to learn math concepts in fun way.

Tips to introduce games in classroom


Girls can improve their math skills with the help of dance as part of an eight-week program called SHINE, developed by an MIT graduate. To know Click here.

Animated lessons

Awesome link  

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3


Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Everyone know about the definition of fractions , do you know the application of fraction in Music .

Watch and enjoy,

Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Play Hangman Game

I think students love to Play Hangman Game:

Find the word before the photo is completely faded.

Algebra Vs Cockroaches – Game


I found an interesting Game for finding the Gradient and Y intercept of straight line.When you play this game , i think you will never forget Y intercept in your life.
Choose your weapon , start the game.

Penguin Game for sequences.

I just tried , Penguin Math Game for sequences. Students found it really interesting.

Instead of doing worksheet for sequences , just try this game so that you can eat and digest sequences – Click here

Maths resource website for Grade 1 to 6

Math in English has a large collection of remedial math resources such as worksheets, workbooks, great number puzzles, online math games, math videos and much more!

 Click here