Learner Guide for IGCSE Maths -0580

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Number – Indices

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Algebra – Expanding Single Brackets

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Inverse Variation


The statement ” y varies inversely as x means that when x increases,y decreases by the same factor. In other words, the expression xy is constant:


Example :

In a factory, 10 men can do the job in 30 days. How many days it will take if 20 men do the same job?

Here, when the man power increases, they will need less than 30 days to complete the same job. So, this is an inverse variation.

Inverse Variation online Worksheet


Direct Variation


The statement ” y varies directly as x ,” means that when x increases,y increases by the same factor. In other words, y and x always have the same ratio:



If a gallon of milk costs $3, and I buy 1 gallon, the total cost is $3. If I buy 10 gallons, the price is $30. In this example the total cost of milk and the number of gallons purchased are subject to direct variation — the ratio of the cost to the number of gallons is always 3.

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Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers (0580)

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Sets and venn diagrams

Here you will have an idea about what is SET , diagrammatic way of sets

Click here Source -Essential mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE Extended by Sue Pemberton

Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus

Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus for (both core and extended) examination in June and November 2015.

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Cambridge IGCSE results statistics

Cambridge published results statistics to measure the learners performance against the worldwide average.

Cambridge IGCSE results statistics