Application of Probability in Multiple Choice Questions

Application of probability in Multiple choice questions:
For students Probability of answering (rightly) one question is 1/4 , answering wrongly is 3/4.

If you take around 10 questions in a question paper , the max probability goes to the teacher. Only if the students are lucky or know answers correctly they will be the winner.

In general question paper setter gets max probability.

There is one way of making students to get the max probability – if we ask the question like choose the wrong answers then there will 3/4 chances of wrong answers in that way students get answers mostly right.


Similar figures

Similar figures means ,  two figures which are having  same shape alone.

Congruent figures means , two figures which are having same size and same shape.

Twins will be having same shape but size may be different.

So Twins mathematically called Similar figures.



Picture credit:Brainy Miscellany

Creative ideas for teachers

Hai teachers here i will be posting my own creative ideas on how to inspire students and how to make students love the subject mathematics.

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1.Number mantra:

Ask students to think simultaneously the following on their head.



Let them think up to how much they can.

This way students mental ability / concentration / interest in Math will get developed.

You can easily rub their Math Phobia.

2.Creative lines can  be written on students answer script  (after correction) like the following:





If you mention like this , easily you can inspire students .

I tried, it worked out very well for me.