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Venn diagram tool

A tool to help students understand the different regions of a venn diagram. You can click to shade the regions corresponding to, for example, the union of A and B. It is designed so that you can write and draw on the venn diagram to use it. Click here

Game activities

To sharpen your math skills in game based way

Animated lessons

Awesome link  

Inline image 1

Inline image 2

Inline image 3


Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Everyone know about the definition of fractions , do you know the application of fraction in Music .

Watch and enjoy,

Animated explanation on Introduction to Fractions and Music with Fractions

Chess board


If i ask you how many squares are there in the above  , generally your answer

will be 9.

Actually the exact answer is 14 (= 9+4+1)

Individually  9

By taking four squares at a time we get  4

Completely  1 

What can you say about the number of squares in chess board :


We have a formula to find the answer .Do you know that ? 

Arithmastars- arithmetic practice inspiration

Excellent link on arithmetic practice.

When you do this , you started loving maths

Maths resource website for Grade 1 to 6

Math in English has a large collection of remedial math resources such as worksheets, workbooks, great number puzzles, online math games, math videos and much more!

 Click here