What is A Level

In Cambridge Curriculum , the Advanced level (A level) is usually studied over a two-year period and is split into two parts — Advanced Subsidiary (AS level, year 12) and A2 (year 13). A student has to study both the levels to achieve a complete A level certificate.

Difference between IGCSE and GCSE

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations, which is an internationally recognized qualification for students in the 14-16 age group. “IGCSE is different from the GCSE in the sense that this is more attuned to the needs of the international community, it’s a modified English curriculum. GCSE has more UK specific topics for its examinations whereas IGCSE covers more international topics.

GCSE – Local schools in UK follows.

IGCSE – Followed internationally

Algebra – Expanding Single Brackets

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Click  here to view Algebra – Expanding Single Brackets stuff where you can view ,even answers to cross check.

Inverse Variation


The statement ” y varies inversely as x means that when x increases,y decreases by the same factor. In other words, the expression xy is constant:


Example :

In a factory, 10 men can do the job in 30 days. How many days it will take if 20 men do the same job?

Here, when the man power increases, they will need less than 30 days to complete the same job. So, this is an inverse variation.

Inverse Variation online Worksheet


Direct Variation


The statement ” y varies directly as x ,” means that when x increases,y increases by the same factor. In other words, y and x always have the same ratio:



If a gallon of milk costs $3, and I buy 1 gallon, the total cost is $3. If I buy 10 gallons, the price is $30. In this example the total cost of milk and the number of gallons purchased are subject to direct variation — the ratio of the cost to the number of gallons is always 3.

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Direct Variation – online worksheet link

Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers (0580)

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Click here to view and download Cambridge IGCSE Past Papers – Core and Extended (0580).

This link will be updated regularly.

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Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231)


Cambridge introduced new syllabus AS & A Level Further Mathematics (9231).

It will help candidates build a strong foundation in mathematics before studying a broad range of subjects at university.

Schools and universities have welcomed this change because it will support learners who want to study more mathematics at Cambridge International AS & A Level.

The key concepts for Cambridge International AS & A Level Further Mathematics are:

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Mathematical modelling

To know More details click here

Google uses integration to speed up the Web

Google tries hard to provide super-fast Web pages, and uses calculus in the process. 

See how integral calculus is involved.


My cambridge students Math Project

I gave my students Holiday Math project – Collection of Math Pictures / Ideas / Content covered in class.

My students came out with some good ideas which i really appreciate and want to publish here

Click on this link : http://padlet.com/mathsramanathan/nez2xvluef5j

Online Math Texbook





Personalized Learning

IBM sees the future of learning looking something like this. A system looks at a student’s learning records, and couples that information with data on her goals, interests, learning styles, and motivation. The teacher determines not only a personalized syllabus, but also the best way to present the content. The system would enable the student and teacher to spend more time interacting with content than finding or developing it.

Check out IBM’s 5 in 5 video, “The Classroom Will Learn You”

Online Platform – EDMODO

Hello every one , i am really happy to share about an  Online learning Platform – EDMODO  , which i used with my students and working really cool.

A free and safe way for students and teachers to connect
and collaborate.

Check on the links and watch the video :     1       2       3       4

Penguin Game for sequences.

I just tried , Penguin Math Game for sequences. Students found it really interesting.

Instead of doing worksheet for sequences , just try this game so that you can eat and digest sequences – Click here