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Infinity of Math Collections

In my school I introduced an educational platform EDMODO which can also be called as Educational Facebook or School Facebook.

EDMODO is generally LMS – Learning Management System where teachers and students can do online academic collaboration so that learning goes even beyond the classroom.

Just visit the link where i shared infinity of math collections which is really really useful for both teachers and students.
Infinity of Math Collections


MathDisk provides a highly interactive and visual environment to learn Maths.
MathDisk – A Mathematical Photoshop boasts of several features that cannot be found in any other similar math tool.

MathDisk brings your textbook alive…

Who says you just cant use computers in maths?

This is the tool for you!!



Good Applet  – 3D explanation on Geometry .

We teachers really struggle to explain 3D concepts to students.

With this applet we can actually make students to understand concepts in interactive way when they are on smart board or any device.


Online Resources for Free Educational Videos:

Similar figures

Similar figures means ,  two figures which are having  same shape alone.

Congruent figures means , two figures which are having same size and same shape.

Twins will be having same shape but size may be different.

So Twins mathematically called Similar figures.



Picture credit:Brainy Miscellany

Personalized Learning

IBM sees the future of learning looking something like this. A system looks at a student’s learning records, and couples that information with data on her goals, interests, learning styles, and motivation. The teacher determines not only a personalized syllabus, but also the best way to present the content. The system would enable the student and teacher to spend more time interacting with content than finding or developing it.

Check out IBM’s 5 in 5 video, “The Classroom Will Learn You”